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Scientific Petroleum Services is an Egyptian company registered in EGPC (Egypt) and E-Gas since 2003 as Oil Services Company.

Scientific Petroleum Services (SPS) provides the following services: PVT analysis, PVT sampling, PVT bottles rental (cleaning and testing sample cylinders), store PVT samples on a long term basis, high-pressure sample transfers, analysis of physical and chemical properties of all reservoir fluids and complete water analysis.

Also, Scientific Petroleum Services (SPS) provide measurements of Mercury in gas onsite, evaluation of Paraffin and formation in live reservoir fluids, swelling study, Miscibility, training courses in PVT, phase behavior, related reservoir engineering subjects and other advanced services if required by clients.

Scientific Petroleum Services (SPS)  performs Pressure-Volume-Temperature (PVT) analysis of reservoir fluid samples in fixed laboratories at highly competitive prices using the latest and most advanced equipment and technologies available to the industry. All of our laboratories are managed and staffed by highly trained and experienced personnel operating under strict safety and quality guidelines. We cover not only routine and advanced PVT analysis but also all other associated analytical requirements.

Phase Behavior (PVT) analysis needs to be performed on representative fluid samples collected at the earliest opportunity, normally during the drilling of the first exploration well and certainly before the reservoir is put into full production. This highly specialized form of analysis delivers results for reservoir engineering purposes and also supports the design and optimization of processes and facilities. SPS offers a comprehensive range of standard and customized PVT testing services to suit your needs.

PVT studies can be carried out on a complete range of reservoir fluid types including gas condensates, black oils, and critical fluids. Representative samples are examined at actual reservoir pressures and temperatures to determine phase behavior and compositional changes through the life of the reservoir as pressure declines. 

Routine PVT studies normally cover the following laboratory tests:

  • Rigorous validity assessment of submitted downhole or surface samples
  • Selection of the most suitable sample(s) for PVT study
  • Reservoir fluid composition
  • Physical recombination (if separator samples)
  • Constant Composition Expansion (CCE)
  • Differential Liberation (DL)
  • Viscosity
  • Separator tests


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Scientific Petroleum Services is an Egyptian company registered in EGPC (Egypt) and E-Gas since 2003 as Oil Services Company. Read More


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